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2013 Campaigning trail

Food for thought! After I celebrated my birthday last week, I took a photograph to post here with my other VW paraphernalia and some leaflets for MG. As I start to think about leaving the UK for another campaign for … Continue reading

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Uplifted but then ….

I just re-read the blog post I wrote almost a year ago, entitled “An amazing 48 hours“. And then I added a comment of my own to those of others …. It’s 10th October 2011 and I am in my … Continue reading

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We have two to celebrate

It’s our 1st MG Awareness Event in the UK and also our 1st VW bus in the UK, too !!!! It’s a double celebration I hope, though lots to do yet. Masses still to get organised and completed (as of noon … Continue reading

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Exploring this website (II)

Here’s the second installment in what is to be a regular introduction of hidden gems within this website; are you ready? You never know when I might mention you in certain places. Take the Thanks page, for example! Or I … Continue reading

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Hi everyone … it’s The YesWeCan CamperVan talking and it’s QUIZ TIME! QUIZ QUESTION: When Carole left me at Wolfsburg West on 14 May 2012,  my odometer reading showed 179,520. The QUESTION is: How many miles did I drive across America for the … Continue reading

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Exploring this website (I)

There’s lots of information on this website that I update and do not mention. And there’s also areas that a few of you have told me you never knew existed.  So, as from today, I am going to start to … Continue reading

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Driving for MG; now we are two!

Here’s a photo of Ryan Daley’s racing car as it was being prepped for tonight’s race …   …… at Wake County Motor Speedway, in North Carolina. Ryan sent the photo so we could see the two graphics related to MG: … Continue reading

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Courage takes many forms

I just saw this video and had to place it here right away for you to see. Jade struggles to talk (an effect of MG) as she makes this video to show you what Myasthenia Gravis (MG) does and what … Continue reading

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Shouting for a friend who can no more …

Last December I went on a small detour in Louisiana to visit MG patient, Steven Taylor, in the even smaller town of Branch. I was so pleased I did, for Steven was a real character and a loving man, whose … Continue reading

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A Poem for MG

Yesterday a lovely poem was posted on this website by Robin Brown Johnson, an MG patient, who wrote: “We have an amazing group of people on Facebook called the Myasthenia Gravis Flakes. We chat 24 hours a day. But not … Continue reading

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